Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Superhero Stuff

So i made a facebook for my character Lightning Flash. He is a superhero character for a comic my buddy is creating. So look up Jay Jones and we'll talk more about comics. On another note, my 5 year plan = Going to Comic-con baby.

Superhero Stuff

Well, it appears i have no clue what im doing lol. I hope that what i have done on here wasnt in complete stupidity. If anyone who ever reads my blogs, if this is even a blog, feel free to add me on facebook. My name is Stormy Sanders. Hopefully i can figure this blog thing out soon.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Superhero stuff

     I am a nerd. I would like to start collecting comic books, mainy Teen Titans. i would also like to meet other people who share my love for comics and superhero stuff in general and people who could help me find and collect comics. If whoever reads this would like to get to know me, you look up Stormy Sanders (me) on Facebook. i am a 21 year old guy. i say that cause theres also a Stormy Sanders who is a girl.......just a random fact i suppose. Anyways, i new here and not sure anyone will read this, but i hope people will and hope im doing this right. Well everyone, goodnight.